As I already mentioned, my boy turned one last Friday. He wasn’t sure whats going on and was a little bit confused about all the attention, kisses and cuddles. We spent a cozy afternoon at home with a delicious dinner, a birthday cake with a candle (of course!) singing, some presents (even the one from the grandparents from Switzerland made it), and of course some wine! But Felix wasn’t really interested in the presents and the cake. He did rather play with his known toys. But it was a good one for all of us and we really enjoyed it, each in our own way.



Here is the picture. Enjoy!


Its finally sunny again outside but I’m sitting inside, writing this blogpost. I have to admit, i couldn’t believe that my little boy turns one next Friday. Its amazing how time flies.

Here are the shots from the last three weeks. Enjoy!


18/52 Stormy weather in Sydney on the last weekend.

Felix 2

17/52 `I dont like to sit in the pram.` Its really tricky to get from A to B with him in the pram at the moment. He can’t sit still at the moment..


16/52 Exploring the wharf.

1,2,3 & 4 /52

You`ve probably heard of the 52 week photo project. Its a fun way to capture people or things (or whatever) once a week and see how things are changing over the time.

I thought that would be a great way¬†to see how Felix grows. Its also a way to let family and friends be part of our live, especially Felix growing. Hope it entertains you the way it entertains me ūüėČ


1/52 In the Lakelands with friends.

2/52  Bush bath

Bush bath


3/52 While teething during night


4/52 At Balmoral beach where Felix enjoyed the water and the sand.

first tooth

Now its official, F. is no longer a teeth-less baby.. The first tooth has broken¬†through last week and a couple of days later the second. Boah, this was not easy, for all of us. F. was very cranky and was crying all the time. I couldn’t leave the room without him otherwiseIMG_4460 he starts crying like hell.¬†And the nights: the nights were horrible. Especially for Simon and me. But, of course also for F. He was in big pain. Poor little boy. But we have tried everything to make him feel more comfortable¬†but nothing helped. We carried him around, sang some comforting songs, tried to give him the soother and get him back to sleep but yeah, we failed. The last option was to take him¬†into the pram and went for a walk. That helped. For a couple of hours. Gosh, these days where nerve racking. We hope this has all came from the teeth and its over now.

But since then, he could better eat his crackers. He loves to have something to eat in his hands and eat independently. Its the best feeling on earth to see him growing and learning everyday. And since he has his charming smile back, im the happiest person in the world to be his mom.

Love, Sévérine